Property Inspections

Block Management UK Ltd carry out regular property inspections at all of the properties they manage.

Property managers are all equipped with the latest technology including an iPad with a bespoke property management app that enables them to both simultaneously inspect the property, take pictures, fill out the details in the app, and raise the resulting property inspection report ready for disbursement to the clients.

The nature of Block Management UK Ltd.’s property inspection procedure means that when coupled with their bespoke property management system works orders can also be generated at the time of the property inspection and allocated there and then to contractors.

Block Management UK Ltd understand that property inspections are essential to enable a proactive response to all maintenance requirements, ensure that property managers are familiar with the properties they manage, and allow leaseholders/clients to see clear information about their investment, which is especially beneficial with 'buy to let' scenarios where the leaseholder/client may not get to see the property on a regular basis.