Block Management

Online Portal

BMUKLiving365 is our new online portal that caters for all our stakeholders: tenants, RMC/RTM Directors, leaseholders, freeholders and our subcontractors.

Tenants are part of an online community and are kept informed of news around their building. Leaseholders and freeholders can access their account and management information, make payments and track all maintenance works. And subcontractors can supply quotes and update on continuing works.

In today's connected age, our portal allows clients access to the data used in Block Management UK Ltd's advanced management software. This software improves our efficiency, keeps costs down and allows us to deliver even more instant services to our customers at the touch of a button.

Portal Features

We don’t just communicate when there is an outstanding payment or there's a problem. We believe that good communication leads to good relationships.

Our client portals offer the following potential benefits.

Instant Communication

Cut through tied up phone lines at busy times to access vital documents/services immediately. Our mobile-first tool allows access for you on the go or at home.

Clear Information

The platform acts as a vital layer on top of existing back office systems, pulling data and displaying essential lease information to the user. Customers enjoy a single sign-on experience while still being able to access all other services supplied by Block Management UK Ltd.

Secure Automation

Automating processes such as payments, simple enquiries and maintenance requests, delivering them to the right person through the right channel to get a quicker response.

Make payments

Make service charge payments quickly and securely using industry-standard security methods. You can even make complete or part payments. Safeguarded access, transactions and payments.

Review live statements

Up to date financial information is supplied via a live feed from the ledger. View balances, statement history and full transaction details. You can also filter your search by a selected date range.

Report maintenance issues

An easy-to-use way to immediately flag on-site issues to your property management team allowing for full description, contact details and relevant photos/documents to be uploaded.

Track progress of works

Review status updates for ongoing or outstanding maintenance work. Maintenance reports include a unique reference number and a full description together with creation and completion dates.

Access all required forms and documents

Clients can view and complete all required forms and request all necessary documentation relating to their property.

Be part of the community

Access a community ‘Notice Board’ containing property, block or estate information – or receive regular block-wide communications and updates directly from your property management team.

Concierge Portal

Track visitors, manage parcels and deal with room bookings, can also offer self-service check-in and check-out. An office portal is also offered for front of house office teams.

Important Updates

Broadcast important updates to customers as and when the situation requires. Health updates, security information and other issues can be sent to all residents.

Offers from local services

Share offers and incentives from local services and shops

Local information

See local information on entertainment, transport, shops, open spaces and libraries etc.

Individual and group automated notifications

Automated notifications mean we can communicate directly with you or on a block-by-block basis.