Managing Anti-Social Behaviour in a Residential Block

Anti-social behaviour in a residential block takes many forms and can be the most stressful part of communal living.

Excessive noise, vandalism, dumping and other illegal activities impacts on residents’ quality of lives and on the property and rental prices especially when a block becomes recognised as a 'problem block’.

Block Management UK Ltd has extensive experience in turning around problem blocks and has some advice for leaseholders and residents. Whilst we have no remit to intervene, we do have a responsibility to uphold the provisions of the leases and so can support in eradicating anti-social behaviour and illegal activity through provision of evidence, give advice on reporting activity and who to report it to along with reference to the lease.

Our Approach and Advice

From our very first property inspection, we will note any immediate issues caused by anti-social behaviour and take a zero-tolerance approach to it. We will not igno..
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(18 January 2019 )

HANDOVER NEWS: Focus Apartments, Ipswich

Block Management UK takes on another property in central Ipswich.

Block Management UK Lt are pleased to announce that we are now managing a new property in central Ipswich. Focus Apartments, off Carr Street, IP4, is a smart, residential block located in the centre of town. Accessed from Fore Street, the single block contains 24 apartments over eight floors which are accessible via two lifts.

Initially , our attention will be drawn to maintenance of the security entry phone and the manned car park at the rear which offers allocated parking to residents.
Focus apartments is the latest central Ipswich property we have taken on since opening a local office on Lower Brook Street in 2018.

Our central location allows our Direct Labour team to service the whole town, covering buildings at the Waterfront, on Bramford Road and in California. And there are a number of further properties..
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(15 January 2019 )

Block Management Trends for 2019

What can our clients (and future clients) expect this year that will impact on their working relationship with their block management service?

Property market uncertainty

It's become repetitive to blame Brexit for a subdued economy. But it seems to make sense that the slowdown in the property market may be linked to uncertainty over the future.

Flat owners may feel they should hunker down for the time being and not consider moving for a while. If so, it's a perfect time to address outstanding maintenance issues with your block management service. 

Block Management UK Ltd has always believed that our job is asset management. A dedicated block manager concerns him or herself with maintaining and improving the fabric, structure and environment of the properties under their charge.  Costs are obviously a factor, but if you're going to be living in y..
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(10 January 2019 )

Six year anniversary for familiar face to leaseholders

This week, congratulations are in order for our Leasehold Accounts Co-ordinator Nigel Lambert who celebrates six years working at Block Management UK Ltd.

Nigel (seen standing with Finance Director Paul Mather) joined us in 2013 to oversee the creation of our in-house credit control department. The role has now developed to include accounts payable and receivable, buildings insurance, direct debit set up and solicitors' enquiries.

Before joining Block Management UK Ltd, Nigel worked for the contact centre services provider Prolog, managing thousands of customer interactions a week.  Holding qualifications in BT's Meridian and Symposium systems, he had extensive experience in customer relations, call centre management and training development for large scale multi-channel contact centres.

Nigel’s name is well-known to our leaseholders as his department sends out welcome packs to new leaseholders and assists leaseholders with t..
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(09 January 2019 )

Changing Managing Agent in 2019

If the New Year has you considering a new property manager, here's some advice.

Many leaseholders and directors of RMCs engage managing agent to look after and administer their property. However, there are always occasions when a leaseholder becomes unhappy with their property manager.

Issues with managing agents can last for years and lead to bad feeling between parties. Whilst changing managing agent for your residential block or estate should go smoothly, it is a big decision and contains several steps that take time to complete.

There is more to a great property manager than having the number of a good plumber on speed dial. They should understand the meaning of leases, know relevant landlord and tenant legislation and assist RMC directors with their rights and obligations.

Managing agents can fall down in a number of areas including technical competence, pre..
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(04 January 2019 )

A summary of 2018 - and a thank you

This year saw Block Management UK Ltd enter our fifteenth year of business as the leading, privately-owned property management company in the UK.

We’ve taken on new staff, increasing our staff levels by 10% to meet demand from new customers who have joined us over 2018. The property department and our in-house accounts department have both worked hard to onboard this year’s array of new customers whilst still providing an excellent service to our current customers.

And our IT department have worked hard to upgrade and improve our online client portal and software.
We’ve been covered by a business case study from mobile phone giant Vodafone (see it here)  and have had to manage our most complex issue ever with a property that was found to have Grenfell-style cladding.

Finally, congratulations to two members of staff who have become first-time dads. And to Property Manager Marques for passing his IRPM qualification.

We’d like to thank all our cu..
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(31 December 2018 )

We're celebrating our 15th year in property management

This week, Block Management UK Ltd enters its 15th year as the UK's most successful, independent and privately-owned property management business.

Since its beginning in 2004, the company's founder, Managing Director David Collinson, has steered the business through recessions and ever-complex new legislation and rules. He's been aided by colleagues in key management positions who have been with him ten years or more, contributing an experienced and stable support network for day-to-day running of the firm.

Collinson says:
"Those years has seen us move our head office into new premises, twice, and triple our staff. Our policy of taking on entry-level property administrators and training them up has allowed us to create an inhouse pool of talent as we develop a new generation of property managers

The property management industry has changed a lot over the last 15 years not least with new legislation, the influence..
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(13 December 2018 )

Ground Rent Guide: advice for freeholders and leaseholders

Ground rent is a fee levied - usually annually -  by the freeholder on the leaseholder as a condition of the lease.

Ground rent may increase, for example it may double every 25 years. Or the charge may be a peppercorn rent (low or nominal fee) or indeed nil if the leaseholders in the block have acquired their freehold and extended their leases. Conditions within an individual lease may dictate further terms upon the amount due.

Ground rents may differ between flats within the same block. The amount can depend on the size of the flat or how many years are left on the lease.


Background to ground rent

Whilst the concept of a ground rent has been around since Roman times, the collection of this charge is governed by two pieces of recent legislation; the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 and The Landlord and Tenant (Notice of Rent) (England) Regulations 2004.
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(15 November 2018 )

Vodafone produces business case study on Block Management UK Ltd

Block Management UK Ltd has become the subject of a filmed business case study by telecommunications giant Vodafone.

Vodafone saw that we were a great example of the use of their business network technology to deliver services to housebuilders, property developers and leaseholders and keep at the forefront of our industry. As such, our Sudbury headquarters were host to a professional film crew recently who were there to record how we operate. The production crew then came on the road to see us conduct estate management duties at a Cambridgeshire site.

The film features an interview with Managing Director David Collinson as well as experienced property manager Josh Edgar.

Managing Director Collinson commented:
"Our level of connectivity helps us differentiate our service. As a local company with a large reach, we know that connectivity is essential in a region that mixes large rural areas with ..
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(03 October 2018 )

Block Management UK's Systems Analyst celebrates 10 years

This week, Block Management UK's resident systems analyst Robin Spencer celebrates 10 years at the company.

Over that time, Suffolk-born Robin has moved from the field of accounts to systems analysis and has seen great changes in how block management is done by the company.

Having studied for an HND in Computing at APU (soon-to-become Anglia Ruskin University) in Cambridge, Robin started at BMUK in the accounts department. The essential service for a managing agent is the accounting for, management and collection of service charges and this experience allowed Robin to get to grips with the basics of the industry.

Having served as Accounts Manager his next move was into client integration. This involved meeting new clients, setting up their company account, uploading their information to the systems and informing all staff of the new property. At this time, customer service revolutions such as online banking together with customer expectati..
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(20 September 2018 )
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