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Completed major pest control improvement project with specialist contractors

Introduction: Effective pest control is vital for property management, particularly in communal areas where pests can disrupt activities and pose health risks. This article discusses a recent project by specialist contractors focusing on improving baiting areas, frequencies, and sealing any brea..

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(16 May 2024 )

Improved Safety: Upgraded External Communal Area's Lighting

We are excited to announce our completed external lighting upgrade project, enhancing safety with new photocell floodlights in our Clients car park. This initiative aims to boost night time visibility and safety for all. Why the Upgrade? Safety is vital, especially after dark. This project addr..

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(30 April 2024 )

Blown Water Mains Prompt Swift Teamwork: Property Manager Leads Efforts to Mitigate Flooding in Guildford Property.

When a blown water main flooded the communal areas and the shops below in a block in Guildford which we manage. The site's Property Manager – Joshua Edgar was able to act fast with the help and support from the rest of the Property Management and quickly organised a plumber to promptly attend sit..

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(18 April 2024 )

Elevate Your Estate Management with Block Management UK Ltd

Looking for comprehensive estate management services that cater to the unique needs of your property? At Block Management UK Ltd, we specialise in both leasehold and freehold sectors, offering proactive solutions to diverse challenges. With expertise in block management, we understand the i..

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(11 April 2024 )

Resolved: Long-Standing Car Park Allocation Issue Finally Addressed

After years of frustration over unallocated parking and unmarked bays, our team was granted authorisation to tackle the problem head-on. With meticulous planning and efficient project management, we successfully completed the car park allocation and bay marking project this week. This mil..

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(14 March 2024 )

Positive Steps Towards Safety: Completion of Essential Fire Safety Remedial Works in UK Residential Blocks

The vital fire safety remedial works have been successfully completed on the communal fire doors located within the premises, which consist of a total of 40 units split across two blocks. These essential renovations were prompted by thorough health and safety assessments as well as meticulous fire r..

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(12 March 2024 )

Property in need of Maintenance, Not sure where to start?

After collaborating closely with the client, we successfully established a comprehensive planned maintenance programme aimed at rectifying the longstanding problems afflicting the property. These issues, stemming from the neglectful management practices of the previous agent, had resulted in s..

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(05 March 2024 )

Congratulations for passing their AIRPM exams!

At Block Management UK, we are always investing in the development of our staff, and we are pleased to give our congratulations to Tom Mortimer, our Compliance and Planning Manager and Bill Messer, one of our home-grown Property Managers for passing their AIRPM exam. The AIRPM qualification i..

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(22 February 2024 )

Block Management UK Ltd Sends Out 143 Budgets for 2024

Between the dates of December 25, 2023, and January 1, 2024, Block Management UK Ltd has recently completed the distribution of 143 budgets for the upcoming year, that represents about 36.7% of our total annual budgets. This is for a diverse portfolio of properties across the UK, including purpose-b..

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(20 February 2024 )

Striving for the best outcome...

At Block Management UK, we are always striving for the best outcome for our clients and will ensure our professionalism and expertise is used effectively so our clients and leaseholders reap the benefits. An example of this is, recently, after a roof leak was reported at one of his London develop..

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(19 February 2024 )

In a crisis, communication is key...

"Great feedback regarding our communication throughout" Your browser does not support the video tag. When dealing with a major issue with a boiler system control panel that controls 4 boilers providing heating and hot water for 97 households in a block in London, our Senior P..

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(16 February 2024 )

Block Management UK Ltd Collaborate with International Company Pipedrive in Focus Group to Enhance CRM Setup Experience and Interface Designs.

Our team recently was invited to join a focus group session with Pipedrive, our chosen CRM provider. Your browser does not support the video tag. We use this software to help our business manage our sales pipelines efficiently. It provides tools for tracking leads, managing contac..

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(14 February 2024 )