Service Charge Budgeting

Accurate service charge budgeting is an essential part of managing a property. Block Management UK Ltd is able to accurately advise on options for future budgets in a fully transparent and adaptable fashion to allow clients to retain overall control of the process so they can achieve a budget with which they are happy and at the same time provides best value-for-money and reflects the provisions of the leases.

To prepare the first Initial Budget Forecast and matrices for circulation and approval by entitled owners and the preparation of subsequent Budget Forecasts and matrices for circulation.

We provide advice to the client on:

  • preparation of budget forecast and matrices sinking funds circulation of budgets for approval by owners
  • maintenance and adequacy of reserve funds in respect of the property
  • accurate service charge budgeting
  • budget forecasting agreed with client
  • payment plan advice
  • administration of ad hoc charges in leases
  • daily monitoring of ongoing expenditure
  • client retains overall control
  • budget forecasting based on previous costs and known forthcoming expenditure
  • reports to client on costs and their impact on future budget