Insurance Services

Block Management UK Ltd works closely with several leading insurance brokers to stringently search the market for the most appropriate and competitive products and premiums.

Our buying power with our preferred brokers – including Residents Insurance Services, St Giles and Abaco - gives us the ability to provide maximum coverage at minimum available cost.

As an appointed representative of Abaco Insurance Brokers, we share their position as an FCA-regulated party. We are involved in the advising and placing of insurance policy’s along with an active role in claims handling.

  • arrange an insurance valuation of the property as required
  • arrange adequate cover of public liability insurances in respect of the property
  • provide suitable buildings insurance cover and arrange collection of payments from leaseholders and shared ownership properties.
  • submit and administer insurance claims on behalf of the Client

Property Owners' Liability Insurance

This form of insurance is often contained with a building insurance coverage and protects landlords and property owners with regards to claims made against them personal injury or property damage suffered by third parties.

Directors' and officers' Insurance

RMC Directors can be personally liable for decisions they make whilst fulfilling their voluntary duties, including the actions of other Directors. D&O insurance cover the legal costs should a claim be brought against you - in your capacity as a Director - for, say, financial decisions you made or failing to comply to legislation.