Section 20 Major Works

From time-to-time Section 20 major works may be required at a property. This may be planned/cyclical maintenance such as redecoration every five years, or there may be unplanned major works such as a structural defect that becomes apparent i.e., a roof issue/leak.

Block Management UK Ltd understands that large projects can be stressful and time consuming both from the physical on-site element, as well as from a financial point of view. So we are always on hand to assess, advise and where possible supervise major works requirements either directly or by the relevant appointment professionals as required.

Depending on the size and nature of the job/required works Block Management UK duties may include:

  • correctly tendered for by appropriate competent contractors
  • employment of surveyor if required
  • oversee the works if required
  • fulfilment of all Section 20 legal requirements
  • ensure funding is achieved before works begin