Planned Maintenance

Block Management UK Ltd ensures that all planned and cyclical maintenance requirements such as internal redecoration, external redecoration, and service maintenance (for example pumping station services and lift services) are entered onto the electronic schedule system to ensure that works are booked in advance, and if necessary quoted for and ready well in time for when they fall due.

Block Management UK Ltd also ensures that planned maintenance is in place for items not necessarily stipulated as cyclical, or part of service contracts, for example issues may be noted on a property inspection for attention i.e. damaged fencing, boundary walls and other works that if not addressed by a certain time in their life would likely result in more expensive works being required at a later date.

Depending on the magnitude of any specific planned maintenance Block Management UK Ltd will also ensure that if/where necessary a competent surveyor is appointed, which may involve the surveyor providing a specification, procuring competent contractors for tender and also signing off/ guaranteeing the works.