Our Professional Memberships

The Association of Residential Managing Agents

Block Management UK Ltd ARMA Accredited Member (ARMA)

The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) is the leading trade association for residential leasehold management companies. Block Management UK Ltd is an accredited member and as such abides by the ARMA Consumer Charter & Standards. Membership of ARMA is voluntary and demonstrates our commitment to outstanding customer service.

The Standards cover the conduct of the agent with regards to all areas of block management. From financial matters such as service charge collection, end of year charge accounts and reserve funds to handovers, repairs and even staff employment.

As an ARMA Accredited managing agent, our customers can be confident that:

  • Service charge money is held legally and safely: all ARMA members must demonstrate they hold service charge monies in trust as required by law
  • Our business practises meet the ARMA Consumer Charter & Standards, the leading professional standards within property management.
  • Our practises are regulated by an independent Regulatory Panel made up of five lay members of ARMA.
We hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance - ARMA members must cover customers against inadequate advice and negligence relating to a member

By adopting the ARMA Charter, we commit to:
I. Be honest, fair, open and transparent and provide a timely and professional service with access to the information needed;
II. Act with skill, care, diligence and without discrimination;
III. Make sure that all their staff are appropriately trained and knowledgeable;
IV. Have written terms of business;
V. Provide their Complaints Handling Procedure specifying the Ombudsman
VI. Scheme to which they subscribe;
VII. Comply with all relevant legal requirements and relevant codes of practice;
VII. Avoid conflicts of interest;
VIII. Maintain clear, accurate and up-to-date financial records;
IX. Ensure that any client money held is held separately from the managing agent's other monies;
X. Hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Institute of Residential Property Managers

Block Management UK Ltd IRPM (IRPM)

The Institute of Residential Property Management is the leading professional body for residential property management professionals, providing learning and qualifications to over 4,700 members from over 1,200 organisations, who serve the private, social, build-to-rent and retirement sectors, managing estates and developments across all tenures.

The Institute has a defined Constitution and Rules, underpinned by a Code of Professional Conduct. IRPM's mission is to raise standards in the management of residential property in the UK and provide individuals with independent professional accreditation.

All Block Management UK Ltd's property managers train towards a minimum of Associate member (AIRPM) up to full Member (MIRPM).

The Institute's key objectives are to:

Raise standards in the residential property management sector Provide individuals with independent accreditation of their professional skills Assist practitioners in assessing job applicant capabilities