3 Senior property manager Joshua celebrates eight year anniversary.

Senior property manager Joshua celebrates eight year anniversary

Our Senior Property Manager and team leader Joshua Edgar celebrates eight years at Block Management UK. He reflects on his time at the company and his rise to become senior property manager

When I joined Block Management UK we were operating from a converted barn in Boxford. My first task was to sit by a shredding machine for a week, surrounded by clouds of paper dust.

From these humble beginnings I moved through the admin team and into sales. This gave me plenty of experience in talking with our customers and potential customers who were interested in our services. Helping them with their issues and concerns of leaseholders and landlords, contractors and tenants gave me insights into the complexities of property management.

Block Management has always been keen to promote internally, training junior members of staff and supporting their rise into more responsible roles. I moved into property management full time and became qualified as a Member of the IRPM and Assoc RICS. Continuing professional development, along with my hands-on experience, allowed me to eventually become a team leader, helping other property managers and our property administration team to manage our large portfolio of properties.

I’ve now seen the company move offices twice to accommodate new staff as our business has grown. We’re now in a dedicated business park in Sudbury and have moved away from paper, with aims to becoming a paperless office. I’m glad new members of staff no longer have to be surrounded by clouds of dust on their first step into property management.

(30 July 2019 )