Housebuilders: The importance of having your sales staff and managing agent work together

Housebuilding is not just about bricks and mortar, it is about creating homes and communities.

That's why it's important for developers to take time to think about how their homes should be handed over to customers and how they are managed in the future.

At Block Management UK, we are here to support developers navigate this process, to assist in bridging the gap between customers and their experience living in their new community.

We believe in a united front and a cohesive approach to helping residents and developers though the transitional phase of a development.

At some point in a new development, your on-site sales staff and managing agent will be on location at the same time, liaising with customers and potential customers.

They will field questions from customers on variety of issues – from snagging to questions on communal areas.

Having that early link between developer and management agent is key to a smooth transition, sharing information so that everyone is on the same page.

For us, this involves three things – open communication, liaising and keeping informed.

Open Communication

This involves making sure both teams have email and mobile communication and can pass these contact details onto customers.

The better access customers have to our staff, the better their experience will be.


Liaising involves our teams meeting up on a regular basis to review what's happening on location, making sure they are up to date with all upcoming sales events and scheduled inspections.

This will mean both BMUK and the sales team know each other's schedules and can always help keep residents informed.

Keeping Informed

Keeping informed involves making sure both teams have access to each other's collateral and printed material to help answer customer enquiries.

This means residents can always find all the information they need, no matter who is on location.

Working together from the start helps us provide the very best service for our residents, ensuring the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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(16 May 2023 )

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