3 Balancing regional coverage with one-to-one service.

Balancing regional coverage with one-to-one service

Block Management UK Ltd manages properties across the country and does so from a base of offices.

A common question leaseholders ask us is how are we able to manage their property as well as, say, a managing agent with an office around the corner from them. After all, BMUK can’t be everywhere can we?

We completely understand their line of thought. It’s a comforting idea to be able to pop into their agent’s office when they have a problem. However, just because a property manager is nearby does not necessarily mean they are at their desk or available to you outside of office hours or weekends or holidays. Our own property managers spend more time on sites, meeting with leaseholders, freeholders and other stakeholders. It’s the nature of modern property management. And emergencies rarely seem to happen 9 to 5 anyway.

However, in order to respond to this call, Block Management UK Ltd has teamed up with Regus Group - the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces - to offer leaseholders a whole raft of new office space, meeting rooms and flexible workspaces to meet with their managing agent on demand in an environment that is professional, private and convenient. Our property managers can meet customers and contractors whilst cutting down on commuting time, allowing them to effectively visit and interact one-to-one with customers.

Together with our two-tier property management department, 24/7 emergency cover and staff KPI-based standards in processing customer enquiries, we offer brilliant coverage and a reassuring presence over your property. It’s a seamless combination of local service and high-quality professional standards.

These amazing resources make it even easier for Block Management UK Ltd to be your local managing agent.

(11 September 2019 )