3 Managing Gated Communities.

Managing Gated Communities

An Independent news article from 2009 suggested that there were around 1,000 gated communities in the UK.

Gated communities in the UK have attracted some negative press coverage in the past. And they have been portrayed as being too exclusive or not integrating with the local community.

This doesn’t quite seem fair considering that apartment blocks with intercom systems and passcode-locked front doors work in pretty much the same way but aren’t perceived with anywhere like the negativity associated with gated communities.

Interestingly, another reason cited for their divisive nature was that property prices were very different inside the gates than outside. However, you don’t need a gate in many areas of the country – London springs to mind immediately – for property prices to change radically just by turning a corner. 

Our experience of gated communities, as block managers, shows us that the concerns of residents are no more acute than non-gated estates. Anti-social behaviour, parking and the upkeep of communal areas are key issues for any block management company when reporting to its residents.

As we have found before in managing communal areas and shared facilities, it’s the attitude of the residents that shapes the feeling of the community, not necessarily the presence of gates at the front door.

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(26 April 2019 )