3 BMUK in the press.

BMUK in the press

Ipswich Star has interviewed Operations Director Simon Matthews on the progress in replacing St Francis Tower’s cladding in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Simon is quoted explaining:  “The plan is to wrap the building using a 'Rockwool render’ system, it’s one of the only products on the market which is fire retardant and thermally efficient,”

Often sourced from volcanic islands such as the Canaries, this kind of Rockwool insulation is made from volcanic material spun in drums – a bit like candyfloss, Mr Matthews said. It creates the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano, and can tolerate extremely high temperatures – up to 1000C – and does not burn. The Rockwool is then wrapped in a 'render’, which is the material which can be seen from the outside.

Each element of the cladding system will be made from fire proof materials, which have passed safety tests including the façade, insulation, reinforcement mesh and a mineral render.

Pic: copyright Ipswich Star

(10 April 2019 )